Modern Impressionist Paintings

By S.A. Habib

Yellow Workboat, Karachi Yellow Workboat, Karachi
Up Light Up Light
Two in Positano Two in Positano
Towers of San Gim Towers of San Gim
The Pink Shack The Pink Shack
Table with a View Table with a View
Sunlit Alley Sunlit Alley
Sideways Glance Sideways Glance
Side by Side Side by Side
Rosignano Marittimo Rosignano Marittimo
Rainy Barn Rainy Barn
Rialto Fish Market Rialto Fish Market
On the Ridge On the Ridge
On the Line On the Line
NoCal Stunning NoCal Stunning
No Wake Zone No Wake Zone
Morning Light Morning Light
Metal Haystack Metal Haystack
Market Honey Market Honey
Heavy on my Mind Heavy on my Mind
Half Way Up Half Way Up
Green Canopy Green Canopy
Grand Ole Man of Eden Grand Ole Man of Eden
Follow Me Follow Me
Etruscan Gate, Volterra Etruscan Gate, Volterra
End of the Alley End of the Alley
Devils’ Backbone Devils’ Backbone
Corner Cafe, Lucca Corner Cafe, Lucca
Cinque Terre Waters Cinque Terre Waters
Cinque Terre Colors Cinque Terre Colors
Cape Porpoise Boathouse Cape Porpoise Boathouse
Broad Shoulders Broad Shoulders
Bright Spikes Bright Spikes
Avenue of Giants Avenue of Giants
Afternoon in Uzes Afternoon in Uzes
Yellow Field with Red Yellow Field with Red
Shabby and Chic Shabby and Chic
Scottish Dory, East Lothian Scottish Dory, East Lothian
Fiery Creek Fiery Creek
Red Barn on White Red Barn on White
Rape Fields, East Lothian, Scotland Rape Fields, East Lothian, Scotland
Paducah Dusting Paducah Dusting
Misty Cabin in the Woods Misty Cabin in the Woods
Michigan Light Michigan Light
Tunnel in the Woods Tunnel in the Woods
Kentucky Rustic Kentucky Rustic
Huntington Pier Huntington Pier
Huntington Beach No. 1 Huntington Beach No. 1
Light Through the Forest Light Through the Forest
Church in the Corner, Sorrento Church in the Corner, Sorrento
The Barn Porch The Barn Porch
Arles Market Oranges Arles Market Oranges
Coliseum Arches, Arles Coliseum Arches, Arles
Villefranche Blue Villefranche Blue
Venice Loves Cats Venice Loves Cats
Produce in Arles Produce in Arles
Luberon Vineyard Luberon Vineyard
Villefranche Trawler Villefranche Trawler
Produce in Aix Produce in Aix
Clock Tower, Tuscany Clock Tower, Tuscany
Tuscany Door Light Tuscany Door Light
Tuscan Arches Tuscan Arches
Sunny Window, Villefranche Sunny Window, Villefranche
Vineyard near Les Baux Vineyard near Les Baux
Up the Street, Villefranche Up the Street, Villefranche
Van Gogh’s Hospital, Arles Van Gogh’s Hospital, Arles
Villefranche Cathedral Villefranche Cathedral
Lavender Cart Lavender Cart
Flower Market in Aix Flower Market in Aix
Fred & Mary’s Pears Fred & Mary’s Pears
Lemon Pie on Green Lemon Pie on Green
Left-over Cups Left-over Cups
Cups & Plates Stacked Cups & Plates Stacked
Parfait with Bananas Parfait with Bananas
Radish Trio Radish Trio
Watermelon Side-by-Side Watermelon Side-by-Side
Butter on Ochre Butter on Ochre
S&P on Lime S&P on Lime
Sliced Apples Green Sliced Apples Green
Ceramics Factory Gate Ceramics Factory Gate
Canal Light Canal Light
St. Andrews Campus Walk St. Andrews Campus Walk
Rape Fields Rape Fields
Blue Boat, Venice Blue Boat, Venice
Sorrento Outer Lobby Sorrento Outer Lobby
Tuscan Hillside Tuscan Hillside
Cape Arundel Low Tide Cape Arundel Low Tide
High Creek High Creek
Sunset on Marsh Sunset on Marsh
Where Rocks Meet Sea Where Rocks Meet Sea
Scottish Village Scottish Village
Amsterdam Poppies Amsterdam Poppies
Huntington Tracks Huntington Tracks
Hotel Cavalletto Hotel Cavalletto
Fruit Stand, Venice Fruit Stand, Venice
Cherries on Square White Cherries on Square White
Cherry Peach Pie Cherry Peach Pie
Kinderdijk Mill Kinderdijk Mill